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Mixed Media Printing April 2019

You will be working on a base of good quality watercolour and cartridge papers to build up a sophisticated and colourful range of prints.

Participants will start by creating a series of background textures using inks, cling film, aluminum foil, bubble wrap and salt You will then make your own printing block, which you will use to layer over your backgrounds with other inks, acrylic paints and various acrylic mediums.

Some of these will print as a transparent layer and you will then wash over with a contrasting colour to reveal your "hidden" print. You will also use embossing powders, melted with a heat gun and "puff" paints to create texture. Your images may then be finalised by details added with coloured pencils and oil pastels.

You will take home a folder of samples and some greetings cards made from your own prints and other finished prints, which you may wish, to frame later together with a sheet listing stockists and listing the techniques all of which may be easily reproduced at home.

This workshop is suitable for beginners but it would be helpful if there were some experience of drawing. As hot guns are used it is not suitable for under 15s.

You will need to bring some small soft watercolour brushes, pencils, an eraser, scissors and if possible a small plastic palette and you may wish to bring some paints of your own if you have them but all equipment will also be available on the day together with all the materials you will need Each person will be provided with a pack of suitable good quality papers, a printing block and some blank greetings cards.

The workshop will take place at Studio 8-4-4, Harpers Mill, Lancaster LA1 4XQ. For pricing and more details please contact Christine Stanford, who is hosting the workshop in her studio.

Telephone 07802425944