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Nuno felting with needles or an embellisher

You will be shown how to use felting needles to embed merino wool and other fibres into a thin backing fabric such as chiffon, muslin or thin cotton to create a nuno felted piece. Using needles makes it easier to produce specific shapes and needle pre-felts can also be cut out and used.
You will then be shown how to complete your samples by using wet felting techniques to form a more permanent bond.

An embellisher can speed up this process and other fabrics, such as velvet, which cannot be used in traditional wet felting can be used. You will also be shown how to embed thin fabric strips and yarns into backing fabrics for non functional pictorial samples.

Each student will start a felted bobble scarf onto chiffon, which may be completed at home.

This is normally a full day workshop but shorter sessions may be organised on request